Making the Musical

Pierce Cooper, Writer

The U of D spring musical is a yearly tradition, but, due to Covid, the musical will have an entirely new look this year. All rehearsals were over Zoom, which made practicing singing as a group pretty much impossible. Actors instead learned their lyrics and vocals individually. The structure is also entirely different, since conveying a full story off of Zoom poses many challenges. The students themselves wrote separate scenes in an SNL style show. There were a lot of technical difficulties that were experienced during production, but the cast pushed through despite them. Staff and student editors spent countless hours perfecting and polishing this unique experience. As a participant, I can say that this experience was fun, sometimes frustrating, but overall positive. Special thanks to Student Director and Student Senate Treasurer nominee, Kyle Cronan, for keeping things organized and on track. I think this process allowed participants to fully explore their creativity. I hope everyone can tune in this Friday ( the 26th) to view the first ever U of D virtual musical, officially titled “Mixtape.” Below, watch a sneak peek from Mixtape, featuring Austin Lincoln as King George, and Danny Miller as his terrified assistant.