Tom Brady, What Happened?


Jason Brown, Cub News Writer

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady recently finalized a divorce with Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen.  Both posted on Instagram about the divorce, where Bündchen mentioned that “we have grown apart and while it is, of course, difficult to go through something like this, I feel blessed for the time we had together and only wished the best for Tom always.” Before the divorce, Brady tried to make things work. However, it appears it was “too little, too late.” Rumors surfaced that believe the divorce was caused by Brady leaving retirement and returning for his 23rd season in the NFL. This was not a shock for anyone, but was it the final straw for Gisele? Sources claim that the 7-time Super Bowl champion and 15-time Pro Bowler’s decision to return caused none of the marital problems. That said, the divorce is starting to show on the field, as Tampa Bay’s season appears to be in jeopardy. The Bucks have fallen to 3-5 in the NFC South, one of the worst starts to the season of Brady’s career. During the Week 6 matchup against the Steelers, Brady was screaming and ripping into the souls of his offensive lineman. The line has played so poorly that Brady set a new record for the most sacked quarterback in the NFL. When Brady found out, he wrote, “Football is hard” and “we aren’t playing well, but we’re in it together, we’ll turn it around. “#GoBucs.” 

After the recent Week 10 win against Seattle Seahawks, Brady and the Bucs could be turning the season around. Brady looked like his Hall-of-Fame self, as he threw for 258 yards and 2 touchdowns leading to a 21-16 victory. Brady also set a new record for being the first quarterback in the NFL to pass for 100,000 yards. Things are starting to look up for Brady and the Bucs. They take on the Cleveland Brown’s next week and will hope to win and get to 6-5 on the year.

Bündchen has been “dealing with issues that have been plaguing her for a long time.” Bündchen says that, although it was hard at first, she is settling in after the divorce. While Tom played football, her main priority was their three children. She continues to put her kids first and believes that they will make it through this divorce. As for her career, she has decided to pursue her own interests without the NFL star’s priorities. Bündchen has big plans and everyone is excited to see what she has in store.