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Concerts- A New Era?
Concerts- A New Era?
Will Arvant '22, Writer • November 22, 2021

As someone who loves concerts, and goes to at least one or two a week, I am scared right now. Concerts have been in a bit of a strange place...

Congrats to Khalil-Lullah Ballentine 23
Congrats to Khalil-Lullah Ballentine '23
December 13, 2021

Khalil-Lullah Ballentine (‘23)  was honored by the Detroit Urban League for being this year’s recipient of their “Do the Right Thing Award”...

Top 5: Off-Period Activities
Top 5: Off-Period Activities
Austin Lincoln '22, Writer • December 10, 2021

Time left wasted is time forever gone, and the off-periods here at U of D don't last forever, sadly. Whether it’s catching up on sleep in a...

 A group of 20 sophomores were graced with a fantastic retreat experience in November.
Take A Break! Why Taking a Retreat Should Be on the Top of Your 2022 "To-Do" List
Danny Miller '22, Writer • December 10, 2021

In 1877, a journey began to educate young men throughout southeast Michigan with a world class Jesuit education. This journey continues at 7...


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Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton pictured pondering their next race.
Formula One Racing
Tommy Kelley '22, Writer • December 10, 2021

As the Formula One (F1) season comes to a close, there have been increasing whispers around U of D on who will win the championship - Max Verstappen...

Coach Edson at a meet
Swimmin' Into States- 2021-2022 UDJ Swim Preview
Oscar Henderson '22, Writer • December 10, 2021

The winter sports season is finally here, and with that comes another season for the U of D swim and dive team. Coached by Drew Edson, the team...

UDJ Ski Team Preview
UDJ Ski Team Preview
Chris Mutebi '22, Sports Writer • December 9, 2021

As the winter sports season gets underway many people are up to speed with what is transpiring with the basketball, hockey, and swim teams at...

GOALLLL! UDJ Hockey Preview
GOALLLL! UDJ Hockey Preview
Eli Piasecki '22, Sports Page Editor • December 9, 2021

“I get excited thinking about how much potential we have.” Three year varsity defenseman Conor Place, provided us with some words about the...

(From left to right) Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker in Spider-Man 2, Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man, Tom Holland as Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Shameik Moore as Miles Morales in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
Every Spider-Man Movie Ranked
Jake Ervin , Pop Culture Editor • December 13, 2021

Spider-Man: No Way Home comes out in less than a week,  and since the film is bringing together all three live-action iterations of Spider-Man,...

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton pictured pondering their next race.
Formula One Racing
December 10, 2021
Hawkeye: Hit or Miss?
Hawkeye: Hit or Miss?
December 9, 2021
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