Why Quinntricia Was Fired

Nicholas Lundberg '21, Editor

Edit of Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia (Courtesy: ClutchPoints)

Over this past weekend, Lions fans across the state rejoiced as they learned the news that GM Bob Quinn and HC Matt Patricia were fired. The news came two days after an embarrassing loss to the Texans on Thanksgiving Day. Their tenures in Detroit started with a lot of excitement considering that they were both former Patriot employees, yet they ended the exact opposite way, with a sigh of relief. Here are the reasons why the Quinntricia era was so miserable for the Lions.

After Quinn’s first year as a GM, he fired former HC Jim Caldwell after going 9-7. Quinn stated that, “9-7 isn’t good enough,” and, during that offseason, he hired former DC of the Patriots, his friend Matt Patricia. A lot of fans were very excited about the hire considering that Patricia came from an amazing staff, led by arguably the greatest HC ever, Bill Belicheck. Patricia came in with a great QB in his prime, (Matthew Stafford), and a very talented defense. Together, Quinn and Patricia decided that this wasn’t the team that they wanted, and over the course of 2 years, they tore the talented roster to shreds. During his tenure, Patricia went 13-29-1. His record shows why so many Lions fans wanted him gone, but there are deeper reasons why he was terrible in Detroit. 

A big reason why Patricia was so hated by fans was because he was deemed a “defensive guru,” yet the defense would get torn up almost every game. Whether it be from no pressure on the QB to below average man coverage, Patricia failed in every single way as a defensive coach. Another travesty Patricia, as well as Quinn committed, was wasting the back end of Matthew Stafford’s prime. Stafford was considered to be a top ten, maybe even top seven QB coming into Patricia’s first year.  Stafford did have some mishaps during the last three years but overall, he was dealt a bad hand with that awful defense that he had to help save in numerous games. Stafford’s talent was wasted by that awful defense and mediocre play calling throughout the Quinntricia era. Just another reason why their firing was completely justified. 

Overall, the Quinntricia era was terrible. So many things went wrong during these past three years. Lions fans can breathe a sigh of relief now that it’s over. Sheila Ford Hamp stepped up and did what needed to be done last year. There are still a lot of questions for the Lions though, but fans are optimistic there can finally be some positive changes within the organization. For right now, OC Darrell Bevell will take over as the interim HC as Sheila will look to replace Bob Quinn at the GM position.