It. Is. Back.


George Gowman '21, Writer


On February 2nd, a bit before noon on twitter, EA Sports announced they are coming back with the NCAA football video game in the future. This excites a lot of college football fans that have been waiting for upwards of 7 years. The beloved Denard Robinson NCAA Football game from 2014 is beloved and still played to this day by avid NCAAF fans and gamers. Tony Zuliani ‘21 who grew up playing NCAA 14 is “ very excited for the game to come back,” and “can’t wait to buy it once it comes out”. The game was vaulted due to NCAA rules about athletes receiving compensation off their name. Harry Crane ‘21 is looking forward to playing Dynasty Mode on the game when it comes back. This is very exciting and a lot of college football fans are eager to get the game in their hands and playing. The only question that needs to be answered is who will be on the cover? The staff’s predictions are as follows. 


Staff Predictions

George:Trevor Lawrence(QB- Clemson)

Harry-Sam Howell(QB- North Carolina)

Ian-Denard Robinson(QB- Michigan)

Weaver- Jackson He(K- Arizona State)

Tony-Sarah Fuller ( K -Vanderbilt )

Alex Vecchio-Joe Milton(UMICH)

Henry Ghawi- Sarah Fuller (K- Vanderbilt)

Ms.Estes- Trevor Lawrence (QB- Clemson)

Dom- Devonta Smith (WR- Alabama)