Cub Sportscast Adds Camera to Broadcast Arsenal

Alec Weaver, High Happenings Editor

As the winter sports season finally starts rolling, the Cub Broadcast has taken it upon themselves to provide live streams for as many sports events as possible. This has been an amazing new step in making UDJ Cub Sports more accessible than ever before. 

The Sportscast has already streamed three sports games. Two of them hockey, and one of them was basketball. All were Cub wins, a great way to kick off the start of a new era. Harry Crane ‘21 who is a student chair and lead broadcaster says that it has “undeniably increased our viewership”. He goes on to say that “the new camera is going to allow us to reach people we never thought would be able to watch a UDJ Sports game. Whether a cub is in Germany or Australia, any of them will be able to catch up on Cub Sports. Crane later mentioned that the camera is also fantastic quality. He said it “reminded me of watching an ESPN Broadcast”. Truly extraordinary stuff by the Cub Broadcast. 

Make sure to catch their next broadcast at and check out their Twitter at