Fashion Trending in Spring

Bryson Wade '22, Writer

As March comes to an end and spring approaches, warmer weather signifies a change in fashion trends. “For me, trends in this climate don’t matter as much as they would have in previous seasons, pre-Covid”, says Sandrine Charles; a member of the black fashion council. This is the mindset many have adopted as it comes to managing fashion trends after being in a pandemic for over a year. Though it is warmer out, people still opt to wear sweatpants and a hoodie to avoid the stress of having to put together a “trendy” outfit during such a stressful time for some. Heavy jackets and coats can be put away until next year as people slowly start to gravitate towards short sleeve and sleeveless clothing, as well as slides and open toe shoes as they start to replace boots. High top sneakers are a trend that seems common in this season, with high top Air Jordan’s being one of the most popular shoes right now. Yeezy is dropping their new “Enflame’s” in the coming months and Air Jordan is dropping several more shoes including the Air

Photo Credit: Lyst

Jordan 1 “Metallic Purple” and the Air Jordan 6 “Electric green”.

Another trendy accessory item is belt bags this season. Although, many teenage boys and younger men have received some criticism from older generations due to them having similarities to a purse. Other trends include oversized clothing, white tee’s, Bermuda shorts, short sleeved polo shirts, etc. Fashion is one of the many ways in which people express themselves. This season whether it be a trendy style or an inexpensive outfit thrown together at the last second, remember to express yourself in whatever way you choose.