– On the left, Presidential nominee Ryan Hammett; on the right, his opponent, Josh Dorsey

Presidential Candidate – Q & A

April 25, 2021


1. Why did you choose to run for your specific position in the Senate? What difference do you think you can make in that position?  Please provide specific and detailed answers.

Hammett: I am running for Student Senate President to lead the Cub community and improve the student experience. I believe that I can make a difference by bringing my strong organizational skills, past leadership experiences, dedication to the school, and positive attitude to the position. I enjoy getting to know different people and trying to help them have a great school experience.

Dorsey: There are various reasons as to why I want to run for Student Senate President, but the main reason is to give back to the Cub community. Over the past 5 years, this school has molded me into someone who is dedicated, studious, and committed to service, and it’s all thanks to the Cub community. When I chose to run for this Presidential position, this was my opportunity to give back to the people who have played a major role in my life, the students. As President, I want to make next year the best year possible, especially after this past year due to the Coronavirus, my vision includes more attendance at games, more participants in clubs, and more Senate events like the Backfield Blast. I would also like to lead the Student Senate in the right direction and show others in the Cub community what it means to be a part of the Student Senate, which would hopefully encourage others to run for Homeroom Representative, or even a Senate Officer position.

2. What Senate activity would you like to replicate and build on?

Hammett: My plan is to take a new approach to Spirit Week by hosting a Spirit Week “Olympiad”. I intend to include a wide range of activities as I want to get more students involved during the week. I plan to incorporate academic, athletic, and gaming competitions to increase student interest in this event.

Dorsey: A Senate activity that I would like to build on is the Backfield Blast, which was introduced as a substitute for the “Icebreaker” dance. As President, the Senate will not only hold this event during the Fall but we will also host this event in the Spring when the weather starts to warm up. The Fall Backfield Blast will be a bonding experience for the brotherhood at The High, but it also gives us the chance to talk to girls as well. The Spring Backfield Blast will be a good way to kick off the warm season and will be a great way to get out of the house after being in the cold for a few months.

3. Each Senate officer leads a Senate committee. Which committee would you like to lead and why? What new idea would you bring to your committee?

Hammett: I would like to lead the Student Activities Committee because I want to enhance the student experience. My plan to accomplish this goal is through increasing the number of student Senate-sponsored events. I believe that hosting more events and providing additional opportunities for students to bond with one another is the best way to strengthen Cub pride. Since this past year has limited the number of student events, I want to kick off next year with a backfield concert. The backfield concert will be open to the entire student body as well as girls from the neighboring high schools. The event will be a great fundraising opportunity for our clubs and future events to start off next year on a high note.

Dorsey: As President, I would like to lead the Student Activities Committee because I have an idea that I feel the student body would enjoy. The Student Section at sports events has not been the best over the years, that is why I want to introduce a rewards system for going to games. The two rewards that I have come up with are a free dress down to anyone who attends a designated game, my second idea is to raffle off three free lunches. The free lunch will come from a special ID, the same ID that is typically given to Cubs during Cub For A Day.

4. Senior year is full of excitement, hard work, and fun. However, as a Senate officer, you’ll have a lot of extra work to do. What activities are you involved in and how will you balance these?

Hammett: Throughout my years at The High, I have always been able to successfully balance school, sports, clubs, and service. If elected President, I recognize that I will need to cut back on some of my activities, particularly those service activities outside of U of D. Still, I am confident that I will be able to continue participating in one extracurricular during each school season (Varsity Tennis, Mock Trial, Varsity Track). Also, I plan to continue as a member of the ISC Leadership Team. As a candidate who is running to enhance the student experience, I think it is very important for others to see me remain involved in these activities. Still, I will definitely place my duties as President as my top priority.

Dorsey: Throughout my years at The High, I have always been busy, whether it is school-related, or an activity that I take part in outside of school. Managing my time is something I’m accustomed to, and as of next year, I will be involved in soccer, Dual Enrollment courses at U of D Mercy, and I plan to play a major role in the BeNice Club’s success, because they have cultivated a great community and is The High’s future in regards to mental health. Everything I am a part of, I care about dearly, and I assure the Cub Community that even though I will be busy, this will not hinder my ability to lead the Senate and make next year the best year possible.

5. What do you see at UDJ that currently needs the most improvement or change? What would you do to get the change in motion? What would be the sign that the change is in place?

Hammett: The most important area of improvement at U of D is communication. To overcome this challenge, my plan is to set up a personal Remind account for each homeroom as a way to communicate upcoming events at the High. In order to establish the Remind homeroom system, I would start off by gaining support from the homeroom teachers and homeroom Senate representatives. I want to make sure each teacher and student are on the same page to ensure their commitment to this new form of communication. My goal for this homeroom Remind account is to enhance the Cub experience by improving student involvement and attendance at the various events at U of D.

Dorsey: How mental health is perceived and coped with at The High is what needs the most improvement in my opinion. This is the main reason why I have decided to join BeNice in order to add value and assist in making this club the go-to outlet for all students. I released a survey that was available to all, and the majority of the respondents wanted to discuss mental health. “Prepare U” was overwhelmingly voted as not the optimal approach to address this important issue. During one of my many homeroom visits, it was brought to my attention that when BeNice was introduced, multiple students liked what they were doing, so if I make BeNice the main source students visit for mental health, we will have a happier Cub community.

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