– On the left, Sergeant-at-Arms candidate Charles Janovsky; on the right, his opponent, Luke Padilla

Sergeant-at-Arms – Q & A

April 20, 2021

Question: Why did you choose to run for your specific position in the Senate? What difference do you think you can make in that position? Please provide specific and detailed answers.


Janovsky: I chose to run for Sergeant-at-Arms because I wanted to expand the way I’m involved at U of D. I want to represent the common student, one who might not be the most academically gifted, athletically superior, or one who’s made mistakes along the way. I have always felt I have more to contribute to not only the class of 2022, but the whole U of D community. I want to give my peers the best high school experience they can have, especially since Covid is coming to an end. I want to reunite the brotherhood that was lost due to Covid, especially the underclassmen, who truly have not had a chance to experience what the U of D community has to offer. I see so much potential for student activities, organized events, and everyday school on the horizon for the 2021-2022 school year.


Padilla: I chose to run for Sergeant-at-Arms because I want to make a difference. I believe the position of Sergeant-at-Arms will best allow me to do that. I believe that in order to have a successful Student Senate it must be cohesive. All members of the Student Senate will bring different ideas and suggestions. I believe the role and responsibility of the Sergeant-at-Arms is to make sure the Senate runs smoothly. One of my strengths is to listen and bring people together. In addition, I believe I have the leadership skills to effectively make sure that the Student Senate stays focused and unified with their goals. 


Question: What Senate activity would you like to replicate and build on?


Janovsky: I would love to replicate the Ice-Breaker dance and bring it back to the High. We need to enter the 2021-2022 school year with a great start, hopefully post-Covid, and I fully believe the future Student Senate Committee could get it done.


Padilla: One activity I would love to replicate and build upon is Intramural Basketball. The student body loves this event. I want to take it to the next level. For one, we will have an IM Championship week that will rival NCAA March Madness. We would take the four champions of each class and let them play tournament-style in front of the whole school. It will be legendary. 


Question: Each Senate officer leads a Senate committee. Which committee would you like to lead and why? What new idea would you bring to your committee?


Janovsky: I would love to lead the Student Section Committee. I want to be in charge of the Cubs that are leading the chants and getting everyone fired up for the games. Bringing the “Fill-the-Bowl” back next year will be wild. The energy is going to be insane. 

Padilla: I would love to lead the Student Section Committee. U of D has one of the best student sections in the state – there is nothing like being at a school event and seeing the U of D student section going crazy. It intimidates the other team and provides a great bonding experience for the entire school. “Fill-the-Bowl” is a great event and I want to bring that experience to all our athletic teams. One idea that I would like to bring is “Fill-the-Bowl” to all our athletic teams. We would choose one game for all the teams such as baseball, soccer, etc., and mark that as the “Fill-the-Bowl” game. We would provide transportation to the lower classmen and provide pizza to attend the game. We would have a massive student section for that game and to show some love to all our Cub Athletic teams. 


Question: Senior year is full of excitement, hard work, and fun. However, as a Senate officer, you’ll have a lot of extra work to do. What activities are you involved in and how will you balance these?


Janovsky: I’m involved in Varsity Hockey and Lacrosse while being a part of the Cub Sportscast. I can fully manage my time if elected, because I know how to deal with a busy schedule, and I am willing to give up my time to the brotherhood of the High.  


Padilla: I am presently on the Varsity Tennis and Lacrosse team, as well as serving as a Big Brother. I believe one of my strengths is my organizational skills and being able to prioritize tasks well. 


Question: What do you see at UDJ that currently needs the most improvement or change? What would you do to get the change in motion? What would be the sign that the change is in place?

Janovsky: I believe that the school needs to change its energy. The 2020-2021 school year was uneventful and many Cubs are losing the very important school spirit at
the Jez. We need everyone back in school, or at least less Zoom time. Students are becoming almost robotic with the amount of time we spend on our computers. With the 21-22 school year I promise to change the events and have more student-favored fun events that bring the brotherhood back together. 


Padilla: I believe the biggest thing that U of D is lacking is social interaction. This is especially true in light of the restrictions that Covid has presented. The student body at U of D comes from all over the state. It makes it difficult to socialize outside of school. To help improve this I have two events in mind: “Food Truck Friday” and a social event with a sister school. “Food Truck Friday” is a plan in which we have multiple food trucks come to the school once a month on Friday. It would allow the student body to socialize in a casual setting and have great food. Secondly, a social event with a sister school would give opportunities to the student body to interact and meet new people. These events would be fun, casual and most importantly it would bring the whole school together.

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