Welcome Back from Mr. Flowers- The New Assistant Principal for the Jesuit Academy

Assistant Principal for the Jesuit Academy

Good afternoon Cub Community! Welcome back for a new and exciting school year! As many of you know I am Mr. Flowers former Academy Social Studies Teacher and new Assistant Principal for the Academy. I am excited to take on a new role within our community, and look forward to pushing the Academy to new heights. When I entered this building as a 7th grader, I never would have thought I would be back to teach, let alone one day become Assistant Principal for the Academy, but here I am. I do feel like this is my purpose and calling. Not just to be a part of this community but to better have my hands in the development of Men for Others, the uplifting of athletics, and to help inject school spirit throughout all avenues of the building. I am an Alum first, and Assistant Principal second. This means that you can expect me to uphold the standards The Cub Community desires and the pillars that we are founded on. We all must not only believe in these, but model, and apply what it actually means to be Religious, Loving, Open to Growth, and Committed to Doing Justice. Remember that even if you did not attend the Academy, nor ever had a conversation with me, my door is always open for help, advice, or just a quick chat about anything on your mind.


Go Cubs,

Mr. Flowers