Fantasy Foot Fanatics

George Kuhnlein '22, Writer

Drafting, changing your lineups, requesting trades, and waiver pick-ups are all back. Does this sound familiar? It should because fantasy football is in full swing.  During the NFL season, avid fantasy players are regretting and celebrating their draft choices each week.. There have been a handful of breakout players for where they were drafted. One of these players is Ja’Marr Chase from the Cincinnati Bengals, who was drafted in the later rounds of drafts. Chase is ranked the 11th wide receiver as of week three and has multiple upsides because of the volume he is receiving. With the addition of Matthew Stafford to the Los Angeles Rams, Cooper Kupp’s (LA Rams) ceiling has skyrocketed. Kupp was drafted on average in the 4th round, but many believed Robert Woods was going to be the main target. Kupp has crushed those beliefs and is now the ranked number one wide receiver in all of fantasy. The connection between Stafford and Kupp is unstoppable, which makes the Rams a potential NFL powerhouse. Another player is Brandin Cooks from the Houston Texans, who is ranked 6th throughout three weeks. The Houston Texans were considered to be a weak and unskilled team this year. They lost Deshaun Watson to trade requests and off-the-field accusations. The team’s inconsistencies scare fantasy owners from drafting Texan players. Cooks is an exception as he has averaged 20.6 points with subpar quarterbacks. The fantasy season has just started, but these three players are receiving immense attention.