Senior Service: A Look Into the Experience


Alec Koscielniak '22, Writer

Wednesday morning at the High: the halls seem a little bit emptier, the parking lot a little clearer, and a fewer number of boomerangs filmed. For those who don’t know, nearly every Wednesday morning, the seniors are off-campus doing service in the community. Seniors are placed all over the Metro-Detroit area from Redford to Pontiac at designated service sites. Sites include everything from aiding patients at a hospital to scooping up horse poop at a farm– anything that helps the organization. Although it is a class required to graduate, Senior Service is truly a meaningful way of being a man for others and giving back to the community.  

Now, after four weeks at their sites, the guys are beginning to really think about their experiences thus far, in the form of both individual and group reflection. Each student is placed in a small group of 6-8 peers, and an adult mentor is assigned to each group. The students can freely express their thoughts about the experience, and the leaders are there to help interpret what each thought means. Overall, students have enjoyed their time at their sites so far, and they are excited to continue. David Ellis ‘22, who is at St. Suzanne Cody Rouge Community Center in the Warrendale-Detroit area, had this to say about the last four weeks, “With all that’s happened in the past year, it’s been a great experience to make a positive impact on the community.” Patrick Popyk ‘22, placed at St. Valentine’s School, mentioned, “The kids I work with love me so much and I look forward to forming friendships and bonds with them.”

As we enter the second quarter of the 2021-2022 school year, the seniors are finally settling into their sites, and they can’t wait to see what comes next.