UDJ Halloween Costumes: Dos and Don’ts


Alec Koscielniak '22, Writer

There’s a skeleton in the cafeteria! There’s an NBA player in Ms. Estes’s room! There’s a scary administrator in the SAO — oh wait, that’s just Mr. Chandler. Every year at the High, the Ignatian Service Corps hosts a Halloween costume drive. Students are strongly encouraged to show up to school in their best costume not only to support the cause, but also to have fun! Most students get it right and show up dressed to impress, but others miss the mark quite a bit. Here are a few suggestions for how to really show out during this years’ costume day:


DO: Dress for the right circumstances

Whether you’re taking the bus to school that day or just riding along in a car, make sure your costume fits where you’re going. You obviously won’t want to wear something really bulky– the school is heated. Conversely, you won’t want to wear anything too light. Unfortunately, that means leave the short shorts and the flip flops at home.  

DON’T: Wear something political or something that reflect cultural choices. 


While it may be humorous to poke fun at something going on in our political landscape, these costumes just do not fit in a school setting. They often trigger negative conversations about the topic; instead, if you want to talk about something political, respectfully express your views in a meaningful conversation.

Another DON’T is to remember not to wear a costume that reflects cultural choices. Before you dress up, make sure your costume does not do the following: reference a culture that isn’t your own. For example, wearing a headdress or a kimono. DON’T change the color of your skin to resemble someone for your costume. Finally, DON’T have a costume based on a tragic event or one that relates to a violent act in history. 


DO: Go all the way

If you’re going to be Harry Potter, don’t just draw a lightning bolt on your forehead, get a full robe and glasses to match! Don’t shy away from going full force just for convenience or to save yourself from embarrassment. 


DON’T: Wear real fur


Sure, you can rock a sweet fluffy jacket to complete a look, but just keep in mind that using real fur is harmful to animals and the environment. Try faux fur instead. Needless to say, if you plan to wear a wig, please make sure it isn’t made of human hair. Not only is that gross, but it’s much needed elsewhere.



DO: Coordinate costumes with your friends

Wouldn’t it be sweet if two students came as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman? How about Mario and Luigi? Or maybe the entire Lakers’s roster? Whatever ideas you may have, put them into practice! It absolutely shows spirit and brings us together as a cub community


DON’T: Forget to donate 5$

The purpose of all this is always to help others, and the ISC is working hard to ensure that every dollar is put towards a great cause. If you come to school with a costume, make sure you have at least five dollars, cash. 


Overall, the costume day is a day all about good vibes and cub spirit, and the writers at the Cub News strongly recommend you take part in the festivities.