Celebrate All Hallows Eve at the Grand Raven Festival


Grand Raven Festival

Jack Sisco'22, Cub News Contributor

If you live in or around downtown Farmington, look no further! This charming town has a lot to offer this Halloween. Anyone looking for a spooky, yet entertaining night out, the Grand Raven Festival is going on the month of October at Riley Park. From professional pumpkin carving, to a giant hay bale fort, Farmington has got you covered for all of your Halloween needs.

Festivities include Poe Night with live performers reciting poems from Edgar Allan Poe,  a scavenger hunt in search of the Grand Raven, a pumpkin carving exhibition with a professional demonstration, a raven and scarecrow decorating contest, and the Grand Raven Walk.

With the autumn air in the atmosphere, mixed with the always warm and welcoming streets of downtown Farmington, it’s hard to pass up such a good time. The official Downtown Development Authority of downtown Farmington states on their website, “As the nights grow longer and the season chills the air, our festive downtown spirit takes flight. Join us in Downtown Farmington this October to enjoy raven-inspired family friendly fun.” The community is happy to continue the tradition of hospitality and enjoyment of the yearly festivities held to such a high standard. The Grand Raven Festival is shaping up to be a great event this year with lots of eager families ready to participate in everything Farmington has to offer. The question is, what will you try first?