A Base Trip Reflection


One stop of the B.A.S.E Education and College tour was at Loyola Academy in Chicago. 25 UDJ students shadowed juniors and seniors from the school for the day.

Khalil- Lullah Ballentine '23, Cub News Contributor

During the second week of October, the Black Awareness Society for Education, or better known as B.A.S.E, ventured on their annual College and Culture tour in Chicago, Illinois. The trip consisted of 4 different college tours at DePaul University, Loyola University of Chicago, Northwestern University, and Chicago State University. The group also went on a tour of the DuSable Museum of African American History, and a tour of Loyola Academy- a high school in a suburb of Chicago. There were also U of D alumni, either current college students, or a few years removed, who took the time to talk to us about life after the High. One alumni was Lawrence Price ’20. Price is a sophomore and was granted a full-ride scholarship to Northwestern to study Journalism. Lawrence took the time to meet and break bread with us, and gave a great perspective for our reflections. Price talked with us about the importance of tailoring our application essay to what best reflects us as a person and how he decided that going to Northwestern was the best choice for him if he wanted to achieve all of the goals and dreams that he had set for himself. These goals may not have happened if he went to the school he had previously committed to. Originally, he was set to go play baseball on scholarship. After hearing  about his journey, it really proved that anything can happen when hard work and dedication is applied. 

We could not travel to Chicago and not sample some Chicago style pizza from a famous pizzeria called Giordano’s. Another part of the trip that should be highlighted is how many compliments the group got throughout the trip about how respectful, inquisitive, and responsible we were. Everyone understood that it wasn’t just themselves that they had to represent while we were out, but the representation of one that reflected U of D in a positive way. The trip as a whole was great as we not only experienced great enrichment opportunities and college inspiration, but we were able to see each other in a more relaxed environment, which is the start to building a life-long brotherhood. 

A perfect way to sum up the trip was said by none other than Mr. Chandler himself, “As an administrator, I think what I love the most about it is it gives me a chance to be amongst students again. I came back here with a better understanding of about 15 students than I had before we left.”