Jeen-yuhs or Psycho?

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Kamari Tensley, Writer

“The giant looks in the mirror and sees nothing,” a quote by the voice of reason in the life of Kanye West…his late mother Donda West.

The premiere of Kanye West’s three-part docuseries Jeen-yuhs has given the world an entirely different perspective upon the man lately regarded for his psychotic breaks on social media or his strong beliefs; however, the docuseries highlights the journey of Kanye becoming the man recognized today.

As he was once never in the mental place he’s in, yet a hungry producer trying to be heard as a rapper. Coodie Simmons the director, narrator, and cameraman of the series takes us through a 25-year journey of Kanye West’s evolution. As it highlights the struggles Kanye faces trying to be heard, and then eventually being recognized. What truly stood out in the entire documentary was the dynamic of Kanye and his mother Donda. Watching the unconditional outpouring of love and support she had for Kanye encouraged him to walk into any room and make sure his presence was ultimately felt.

Donda poured constant affirmations into Kanye’s life making him the confident, expressive, and fearless individual that the world has grown to love and hate. Donda’s influence in Kanye’s life kept him grounded at the face of his climb to greatness, and Simmons was sure to emphasize her place in his life. Seeing her being such an important piece in Kanye’s life in the face of her unfortunate death, it seems as though a side of Kanye was lost with her. She was his counsel and unendingly number one fan that would scream and shout for him, and to see him lose her, Simmons highlighted how Kanye never for one second stopped to grieve. He just kept going.

From that moment on, the rise of the Kanye seen today, was beginning to take shape slowly, but surely. On the outside looking in, Kanye lost the person who meant more to him than life. Kanye felt as though he could trust no one. West started an extremely dark path being in and out of mental facilities, yet there would be times when he’d be in amazing spaces creating beautiful music and fashion. Kanye has been seen at his highs and lows, and the surfacing of Jeen-yuhs has highlighted a journey that viewers have not seen nor have they had the ability to appreciate ultimately.