Estes, Chelsea

1. What interest do you share with the student body here at UD

Alex Thweni- The interests I share with the student body would first be wanting change to key aspects of our everyday cub lives. We all want clean bathrooms we can freely use without being locked, higher quality lunches everyone complains about constantly, and an interest in increasing the school’s upbeat culture as brothers and as a family. 

Will Dauer- Like everybody else, I am a student. But, most importantly, I am a teenager. I want to possibly balance fun, school, and preparing for the future. 

Candidate Alex Thweni

2. What values do you stand for? How can you rep that in your desired position?

Alex Thweni- I stand for putting my mind to something and completing the task. If I became treasurer, nothing is coming my way to complete the desired changes the student body wants. I will do everything in my power to achieve my goals and the goals of the cub community.  

Will Dauer- I stand for a more relaxed school environment. I believe that since we are at school 7+ hours 5 days a week, we should be comfortable in our environment. I would propose more free periods and open gym during lunches in order for students to relieve stress.


3. Why did you choose to run for your specific position?  

Alex Thweni- I decided to run for treasurer because I am a numbers guy, and I feel that I could use my skills and talent to help better the community of my brothers who’ve been striving for change like myself. I felt that nothing has changed for the better since my seventh-grade year, and I wanna do everything in my power to help better the school.

Will Dauer- I have some close friends running for different positions and I didn’t want to run against them. 


4. What’s your favorite part of U of D Jesuit? No cliché answers.

Alex Thweni- My favorite part of the school has always been the upbeat personality everyone has. When you walk around the halls, you can mess around with your brothers, tell them what’s up, and always have this sense of belonging no matter who you are or who you know. 

Will Dauer- I enjoy the people at UDJ, as everybody is in the same boat. Going to U of D immediately gives someone something to talk about, whether it be a freshman to a senior or a junior to an academite. I think it gives people equal footing and definitely strengthens the Brotherhood.


5. We hear about the brotherhood a lot- what makes the brotherhood so strong? 

Alex Thweni- The brotherhood at the school is like no other. Everyone feels connected at the school in spirit and as a family. As a cub, everyone will automatically have your back, if you fall in the halls someone will be there to pick you up, or if you need help on homework, someone will be there for you. A cub will always have a sense of belonging and love from other cubs, that’s what makes it so special.

Will Dauer- Once again, the Brotherhood is strengthened by the fact that we all go to U of D and have shared experiences here, whether it be fighting jugs, sitting in mass, or taking our tests. 


Candidate Will Dauer

6. We know that proposing change is part of your campaigns- using 5 words or less, please tell us what you want to do. 

Alex Thweni- Fix Bathrooms and Hot Lunches

Will Dauer-  Balance fun with school


7. How are you going to balance remaining a dedicated student senate officer with the stress of senior year? 

Alex Thweni-  Stress has been something I’ve dealt with my entire time at the high, and nothing is new to me. I am able to strive in balancing my busy schedule with school and the senate with good time management and getting ahead on my assignments in order to achieve my goals.

Will Dauer- Balancing priorities and responsibilities is a core tenet in everybody’s life and I have brought upon myself the responsibility of the student senate. Keeping up with school and senate duties will be a challenge, but I hope I can learn something from the experience.

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