Estes, Chelsea

1. What interest do you share with the student body here at UDJ?

Elliott Nederhood- What interest do you share with the student body here at UDJ? As a U of D student, I fully understand the struggles that students face every day. We should be able to enjoy our hot lunch food, have fun at social events with girls, microwave our food without waiting in line for 15 minutes, and plenty more. My goal is to fix these issues, however large or small they may be, and improve our overall student experience by doing so.

Carols Abundis- Having immersed and exposed myself to so many sports and clubs and other extracurriculars, I have come to know almost every part of the school, and I have met almost everyone in it and developed relationships with them. In that sense, I think I share every interest with the student body.

Presidential Candidate Elliott Nederhood (Estes, Chelsea)

2. What values do you stand for? How can you rep that in your desired position?

Elliott Nederhood- A few values that I stand for are trustworthiness and dedication. If elected, I would represent these values every day by listening to all students about their experiences, upholding my promises, and working as hard as possible to make sure that I’m advocating as best I can for the student body.

Carols Abundis- As president, I can represent my values of equality, balance, and community by being in the spotlight, where someone can see what leaders do and perhaps try to lead themselves. I can lead by example, and try to make the school a better place for it. 


3. Why did you choose to run for your specific position?

Elliott Nederhood- I chose to run for the position of President because I believe that I have accumulated the leadership skills necessary to efficiently lead the Student Senate. I have thoroughly enjoyed my leadership experiences at U of D, especially as co-president and co-founder of the Business Club, in which I gained experience in both working with school administration and working with other leaders. I also feel as though I would be successful in implementing my proposals and ensuring that all voices are heard and represented.

Carols Abundis- I chose to run for president for two reasons, the first being because it was the position in which I could help the most people, and second that it gives me the best opportunity to learn and grow as a person and leader.


4. What’s your favorite part of U of D Jesuit? No cliché answers.

Elliott Nederhood- My favorite part of U of D would be my classmates. The friends that I’ve met and unbreakable bonds that I have created with them are simply things that cannot be found anywhere else. I’ve always felt welcomed here and I will forever appreciate how lucky I am to be able to spend my days with talented, intelligent, and funny friends that truly care for each other.

Carols Abundis- My favorite part about U of D is its devotion to opportunity: Every teacher, counselor, and coach is dedicated to putting every student on the best path. Everything at this school is at our disposal to achieve great things.


Presidential Candidate Carols Abundis

5.  We hear about the brotherhood a lot – what makes the brotherhood so strong?

Elliott Nederhood- I believe that the U of D brotherhood is so strong because of the unbreakable bonds that are formed between students. When I came to U of D as a freshman, I knew almost no one. However, I was welcomed and befriended by outgoing students who I am lucky enough to now call some of my best friends. No matter what, every student at U of D has and always will have a massive network of people that care about them and want them to succeed, and I believe that that is what separates the U of D brotherhood from other schools.

Carols Abundis- I think that because we are so diverse, that we are learning about life and growing as young men for others. And along the way, every grade, class, and team is creating an unbreakable bond by figuring it all out together.


6. We know that proposing change is part of your campaigns- using 5 words or less, please tell us what you want to do.

Elliott Nederhood- Work hard, play hard.

Carols Abundis- To support, encourage, and unite.


7. How are you going to balance remaining a dedicated student senate officer with the stress of senior year?

Elliott Nederhood- Throughout my time at U of D, I’ve learned how to balance commitments and keep my priorities straight. I think that my involvement in different activities and sports at U of D whilst maintaining excellent grades and a thriving social life shows my experience with balancing multiple responsibilities at once. I think that there are certain aspects of my school life that I may need to tone down if I am elected in order to serve the student body to the best of my abilities, but I can promise that my role in the Senate would take priority.

Carols Abundis- In the past, I tried to take everything on and ended up getting overwhelmed and burnt-out, so I would balance the Student Senate with regular school by being mature and wise enough to know my own limits, and when to ask for help.

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