A Reflection of My Time at U of D Jesuit


Oscar Henderson '22, Cub News Writer

Well, we’re here. After 6 long years here at “The High” I have finally finished my time here and will graduate in a couple of weeks. While I said my 6 years here were long, it still only feels like yesterday I walked into these halls for the very first time as a small, skinny, and lowly 7th grader with a backpack that was way too big for him. It felt like only yesterday that I had my very first class ever here at U of D, and it only felt like yesterday that I had 7th-period English aka the greatest class to ever happen here at U of D. My time at U of D has been nothing short of memorable and amazing, from my 4 years of swim, to becoming the voice of U of D sports my senior year, I can safely say that I’ve made the most out of my time here at U of D.

As I continue on into my future, I will be continuing my sports broadcasting and journalism career at none other than THE Michigan State University. I am more than excited to see what my next 4 years there will bring and how the school will help me continue to improve and hone my skills as a broadcaster and journalist and to show my father that Michigan State is CLEARLY the better journalism school the University of Michigan as he has been  a maize and blue alum since the 1990s.

The next few months for me are going to be a weird few for me, when it finally hits that I’m taking the next step in this game of life and having to buy stuff for my college dorm or buying so many clothes because of the massive overhaul I have to do in my closest due to it being all U of D and U of M shirts. I’ll always remember that I have a place that I can lean back on at U of D Jesuit. The soon to be new alumnus of U of D going to MSU is a lot and I’m glad to know that I’ll have many people who’re my brothers at the same university as I know it’ll help me throughout the journey that is college.

I’ll miss The Jez more than anything, my time here has been amazing and I thank all who have helped me and have been a part of it.


On to the next step.