Backfield Blast: An Overview

The first event of the 2022-2023 UDJ school year sets the tone for successful events to come


Elliott Nederhood, Cub News Writer

Homework. Classes. Early wakeups. Extracurriculars. Student sections. The school year at U of D Jesuit has kicked off on a good note and students are readjusting to the rigorous yet beneficial schedule of the High. Student Senate’s annual Backfield Blast, a social event geared toward uniting the student body, adds an element of fun to their now-busy lives and provides an opportunity for them to mingle with students from Mercy High School as well as girls from other neighboring schools. It also acts as an opportunity for U of D Jesuit high schoolers to meet potential homecoming dates. Additionally, as a relatively new event, the Backfield Blast has faced both harsh criticism and glorious praise from the student body. This year, the Student Senate decided to make some changes which they believed were necessary to create an environment in which students would be comfortable, active, and having a good time. 

The Student Senate held multiple brainstorming sessions in which they discussed key factors in the Backfield Blast from previous years that had received negative feedback. “I simply felt as though the cost vs. reward of the amount of inflatables we’ve had in previous years is not good enough to justify spending that significant of a portion of the budget on and that that money would be better spent elsewhere,” stated William Dauer ‘23. This seemed to be the consensus from the 2022-2023 Student Senate, as they opted towards a more active and relaxed approach to this year’s Backfield Blast attractions. “I think a key factor in improving this year’s Backfield Blast was reducing the amount of inflatables that we purchased, because it allowed us to differentiate the attractions that we had at the event, including a volleyball net which was a tremendous success, a photo booth, and stellar food trucks,” remarked Elliott Nederhood ‘23. 

Turnout at this year’s Backfield Blast was spectacular, and the Student Senate attributes this to increased marketing of the event and improved attractions. By adding things like the volleyball net, the Student Senate was able to create a great opportunity for members of the U of D Jesuit student body to mix with girls and enjoy some competitive yet friendly games of volleyball, allowing students to create new friendships. “Being able to hang out with girls from other high schools was fun,” remarked Sophomore Logan Mullan ‘25, a Backfield Blast attendee. 

The Student Senate looks to build upon this event and take constructive criticism from the student body to improve future events, like homecoming. “I think the biggest lesson we learned from Backfield Blast was that we need to continue getting as much feedback as possible from the student body in order to improve our activities and events. There’s nothing more important than ensuring that we are pleasing the student body and implementing their advice,” declared Elliott Nederhood ‘23. Overall, this year’s Backfield Blast was a definite hit and provided an opportunity for the Student Senate to learn more about how to create successful events.