Our Chick-fil-A Story

UDJ Senior Jason Brown reflect on his Mom’s journey to open up a Chick-fil-A franchise store in Michigan

Our Chick-fil-A Story

Jason Brown, Cub News Writer

When you hear the word Chick-fil-A what comes to mind? The crispy chicken sandwich? The nuggets with a side of waffle fries? What about Chick-fil-A’s legacy of great customer service, delicious food, and family fun? The idea of Chick-fil-A comes from the real-life story of Truett S. Cathy, which goes back to 1946 when he opened The Dwarf House restaurant with his brother. Over time The Dwarf House business thrived and it is where he perfected the chicken sandwich. Cathy decided to franchise this new concept and in  1967 Chick-fil-A was born. S.Truett Cathy stated, “We change the world, and ourselves, by our response to unexpected opportunities”.

An average of 1 out of 70,000 people apply to Chick-fil-A every year, with an acceptance rate of 0.15%.  My mom, Vikki Hardy Brown has become the first African-American woman to become a  Chick-fil-A Owner/Operator in Michigan. Her restaurant is scheduled to open in the Fall of 2022 in Livonia, but her Chick-fil-A journey actually started back in May of 2016. The path to get to where she is now was anything but easy. Her persistence, business expertise, community service, and hard work are what enabled her to become the  Owner/Operator you see before you. As S. Truett Cathy stated, “We should be about more than just selling chicken. We should be a part of our customer’s lives and the communities in which we serve”. I guarantee you she will go above and beyond to make sure that your Chick-fil-A experience will be the best it can be. As the son of this amazing Owner/Operator, family means everything and Chick-fil-A has brought me and my family closer together. I can say that if Chick-fil-A can change my life, it can change yours too.

Jason Brown at Truett Cathy’s (founder of CFA) work desk.