Opinion: Ranking Popular Fall Activities

Gabe Sikora, Cub News Writer

$ = ~ 10 dollars or less 

$$ = ~ 20 dollars or less

$$$ = ~ 30 dollars or more

  1. Carving Pumpkins $

With pumpkins being readily available at almost any grocery store or market, this is an easy fall activity to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. If you are looking for more of an adventure, then I recommend visiting one of the major pumpkin patches like Blake’s Orchard, Spicer Orchards, or Debucks’s Farm.

  1. Visiting an Apple Orchard $$

As the leaves fall and the apples ripen, apple orchards prepare for the thousands of visitors that come through their patches each year. With a good selection of fall foods and drinks, this activity appeals to almost everyone. Blake’s Orchard and Cider Mill has a wide variety of produce for visitors to discover as well as other activities such as Funland and haunted attractions. Visitors of Blake’s are required to spend $20 per car for U-Pick while Funland and the haunted attractions hover around $20 per person.

  1. Corn Maze $$

Although it can be frustrating at times, a corn maze is a fun activity to ignite your problem solving and discovery. Better yet, if you like more of a thrill, many mazes offer a haunted corn maze on certain nights in October. DeBuck’s Family Farm is a favorite because of its 25 family attractions, 15 acres of corn maze, and 20 acres of pumpkins. A general admission ticket which includes access to the farm and the 25 activities costs $18.95 a person.

  1. Going to a Haunted House $$

In light of the Halloween season, a haunted house is a perfect way to kick off the festivities. Although these houses can often be plagued with long lines, if you bring a good group of friends you will find yourself inside in no time. Erebus, located in Pontiac, is a very popular attraction for Haunted House goers. During the month of October tickets range from $20-$35, typically the more costly tickets are sold on weekends.

  1. Sporting Events $$$

Since the NFL, NHL, MLB, and NBA are all in full swing after the October 18 tip off, there are plenty of opportunities to have a true fan experience this fall. Although this activity may put some stress on the wallet, this is the recipe for a good time. Despite cheap tickets being effortlessly available, the real cost comes from the in-stadium stores and food vendors. With many newer food options popping up around the city of Detroit, there should be no problem finding a restaurant everyone can agree on.