Mr. Comment Returns to the High…Again!

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Mr. Comment Returns to the High...Again!

George Gowman '21, Reporter

New to the Jez this year is a familiar face Matthew Comment ‘14. After graduating from the University of Dayton, he returned to U of D to become a member of the alumni volunteer corps (AVC) with the intention of going to medical school after his tenure as an AVC. After staying at UDJ for a year he started to learn he had a great disposition for teaching and connecting with students. He truly enjoyed helping around the school. He now has returned after a two-year hiatus away from UDJ since his former days as an AVC.

After his one year stint at UDJ, he went out into the community working in an ambulance as an emergency medical technician (EMT). However, with the COVID-19 pandemic ramping up, the opportunity to come back to UDJ came about and Comment could not pass it up. Comment is taking over Daniel Montingelli’s classes since Montigelli is on leave for this year. Comment teaches Statistics along with Geometry and Algebra 1. Comment is enjoying his time at UDJ but obviously talked about how it’s a bit weird with all of the COVID-19 guidelines that he has gotten used to. Moreover, he is happy to be back at the Jez, a place that he loves and he’s excited and is excited to be at for the year. So, with that being said welcome back Mr. Comment!