Election Recap

I support Joe Biden. I do not just support Biden because I am against Trump [sic], I genuinely agree with his policies. He had a very moderate Democrat beliefs and I believe what he is asking and trying to do is not radical in any sense and is needed for America right now

Trump, because he will keep the nation free and promote free trade. He will keep the power in the people’s hands, and he will lead the country away from socialism. Biden just says what will get him votes, not what will actually work”

I support Joe Biden due to the way he presents himself with dignity and respect, the way a president a [sic] should act, unlike the current president.

I support Joe Biden, a career public servant who will work with Democrats and Republicans and with foreign leaders on a worldwide stage. He is a moderate Democrat but also committed to some progressive ideals. His campaign shows me how determination, hard work, and personal relationships over many years matter.

I support Donald Trump because I am a Christian and I feel that throughout this country my faith is being attacked, I’m voting for Trump not because I necessarily like him but because the Republican party Lines with my traditional Christian moral values

I support Joe Biden because of his compassion for all American citizens and because he sets an honest example of a good American for other countries to see. Also he has good agenda ideas like how to fight climate change, help the economy, etc.

I support Biden because I don’t trust Trump to do what’s best for the American people – most recently, Trump has lied to his supporters about the danger of COVID, and a lot of the blood is on his hands for the poor handling of the pandemic

Trump bc [sic] I don’t trust a man in office who can’t even properly formulate sentences half the time. He will simply be a puppet of Kamala Harris and the liberal movement.