Winter Sports Blues

Kamari Tinsley '22, Contributor

UofD Jesuit Fill the Bowl basketball game (Courtesy:

As high school students, we look forward to high-intensity and high atmosphere games like Fill The Bowl, but with our current situation, we have to miss out on the things we as a student body love so much. It is unfortunate, but we must look to understanding the importance of safety with hopes of creating an atmosphere free of COVID-19. Although winter sports will look different this year, the competitiveness will still be in place of course, and all of the coaches have ensured that they are doing everything to ensure that all participants are safe.

Coach Donnelly and the basketball team have been making sure that kids who came to school filled out a QR code ensuring that they were not experiencing any COVID related symptoms, and also wearing a mask at all times. Anybody who failed the questionnaire would have to immediately leave the building. Unlike bowling and skiing, basketball is a sport that thrives in the presence of contact so players are exceeding the obvious 6 feet CDC Guidelines. It is hard to imagine how contact sports will thrive because it is unlike professional sports where everyone can be placed in a controlled environment, but as a community, we must work together to ensure everyone is safe.