The Backfield Blast is a Hit!


Nicholas Myneni '22, Author

After a one-year hiatus for The Backfield Blast, the beloved tradition made its return on August 28th and did not disappoint. In an effort to make coming back to school more enjoyable for new and returning students, the Student Senate gave it their all to ensure that students who decided to attend had a, well – blast! The return of the mechanical bull ride did not disappoint, with many high scores being established and general pandemonium as people were thrown off. Although the weather was hot, the Academy and High School students thoroughly enjoyed their evening. “It was a hot day with a lot of great games,” says Will Arvant, ‘22, ending his statement in a genuine, “oh, it was fantastic.” The food, inflatables, snacks, and refreshments all contributed to the Backfield Blast’s success. Julian Grecki, ’27, suggested that more water slides and other water-themed games be incorporated next time, to escape the heat and stay cool. If this trend continues, the Backfield Blast will continue to grow and improve next year as well, to even greater heights. The Senate knocked it out of the ballpark this year with their efforts, and all students should be excited for next year’s!