The Sorry State of the Lions’ Football

Nic Gascon, Sports Writer

The Detroit Loins walk off the field in disappointment after another lose.

At an embarrassing 0-6 record, the Detroit Lions are the only team in the National Football League without a win. This is the first time they’ve started with six straight losses since the notorious season of 2008 when they went 0-16. It goes without saying that players, coaches, and fans are all frustrated.


After the heartbreaking 19-17 loss on October 10th to the Minnesota Vikings, one of a few Lions games this year that was decided by a last second field goal, Lions head coach Dan Campbell was emotional in the post game press conference. Fighting through tears, he said “When you see your players give all that they have and you lose that way, it’s tough”. However, after the most recent loss to the Cincinnati Bengals at home, the tears were turned into anger. He placed blame on the whole team for not executing the gameplan, but put a focus on quarterback Jared Goff, saying, “I feel like he has to step up more than he has and I think he needs to help us, just like everybody else”.


Goff’s stat line against Cincinnati was mediocre at best, going 28/42 for 202 yards with no touchdowns and one interception. However, in the first half he had a measly 38 yards, and it was the fourth game in a row that the Lions have gone the entire first half without a touchdown. Boos could even be heard throughout Ford Field that were directed at Goff and the rest of the offense due to the fact that they were scoreless through three quarters. “I feel their frustration,” Goff said. “The fans here in Detroit deserve a lot better than what we’ve been giving them. It’s our job to do that and there’s frustrated people everywhere right now”.


The Detroit Lions are now in possession of the longest losing streak in the league, which, including games from last season, stands at 10. Entering the upcoming game against former Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford and his newfound success with the Los Angeles Rams, it is rumored that the Lions front office will be making some roster changes. But as of right now, the players aren’t focused on that and they shouldn’t be. Detroit fans aren’t asking much of the Lions and no one expects them to be Super Bowl contenders, but not being the punching bag of the NFL would be a good start.