Lakers Downfall


Will Lakers find success this season?

Hunter Windham '22, Sports Writer

The Los Angeles Lakers are off to a bad start. The team has underperformed to say the least. Starting the season as a heavy Finals contender to now being a team who may barely make the playoffs. The team is 15 games in the season, with an 8-7 record. Laker Nation knows that there is a long way to go in the season, but out of their 7 losses that they have had this season; 4 of those loses are against teams that have a losing record.

This Lakers team has mediocre stats compared to the rest of the NBA teams. They rank 27th in points allowed overall allowing just over 112 points per game. They are 29th in turnovers (TOV) per game with only the Houston Rockets averaging more. They are 24th in free throw percentage and if you are struggling at the FT line, it’ll be harder to win games like that. Anthony Davis (AD), a player on the Lakers, was asked in a post game interview on Nov. 12, 2021 which had him reflect on what had happened to the team in the 3rd quarter in the game against the Minnesota Timberwolves. AD responded that the team as a whole struggled and that they had not just played bad just in that 3rd quarter but in every game they had played. He stated that the team has come out lackadaisical and not ready to play. Davis did not know why that was, but he said they had to get it together.

Now with a team that has championship aspirations- they have not lived up to expectations- yet. Although one hopeful idea that Laker fans can hang onto is that it is early in the season. However, as AD stated, the team has looked lackadaisical and not ready and they have got to change if they want to win a championship.