Top 5: Off-Period Activities

Top 5: Off-Period Activities

Austin Lincoln '22, Writer

Time left wasted is time forever gone, and the off-periods here at U of D don’t last forever, sadly. Whether it’s catching up on sleep in a lounge or catching up on schoolwork, there’s always something you can during your free period to keep you occupied!. So, if you don’t know where to go, I’ll show you where to start. Without further adieu, here are the top five productive activities you can do during your off period:


  1. Grab an Energy Snack/Drink

There’s no better time (other than a lunch period) to take a snack break to refresh your mind for classes later in the day. Not only is it proven to make you more lively, but it’s known to get rid of stress and anxiety regarding school –  provided what you’re eating is healthy. Eating in the cafeteria with other students can also create social bonds and potentially establish new friendships.

  1. Play Ping Pong

If you participate in Ping-Pong games and know how to play, grab a buddy on your off period and challenge them to a game! Although Ping-Pong is widely known for breaking friendships forever (yes, it’s that hard), it’s still fun. Regardless of whether or not you play the game or just prefer to watch, Ping-Pong is a great way to spend your free time.

  1. Go to the Faith and Service Office

Arguably the best place to hang out in the school, the Faith and Service Office offers lounge chairs, work tables, and more, which you use to socialize, get work done, or just talk. The atmosphere is great, and it’s a perfect opportunity to bond with other classmates who hang around the same area. While you’re there, you might even be able to play Chess!

  1. Get Work Done in the Library

Stereotypically, there’s no other place so silent and peaceful than the U of D library. If you’re piled up with homework and need somewhere to do it, the library is your best bet. It’s great for finding a book or two to read as well! 

  1. Sleep in a Lounge

The lounges at the school are as comfortable as your bed at home. Whether you want to do work or take a nap, there are three levels of lounges to choose from for your leisure and pleasure. Taking a ten-minute nap is proven to help with focus and confidence for more than a couple of hours after the nap – and I assure you that no one will judge if you attempt to catch up on sleep.