The Cub News Can Confirm – No More Masks!


Photo Credit: Society for Human Resource Management

Most students are enthralled that the return from school after mid-winter break means that masks do not have to be worn anymore around U of D. Masks have been one of the most annoying, yet enforced rules around the school, but all of that annoyance is no more as the CDC lifted the mask mandate, and on February 28th, students came into school smiling – yet this time you can actually see their smiles. 

The recent decline of COVID-19 cases persuaded the state to lift the mask mandate, and the administration seconded the idea. While we are quickly approaching the official two-year anniversary of the beginning of the pandemic, there are still uncertainties regarding masks, and some argue that masks should remain on. While it is still a respected option to wear a mask, people question whether the lifting of the mandate happened too early. With cases still popping up, although they are not as numerous as they once were, COVID is still an extremely prevalent threat to our community, and still has no clear end in sight. Officials still believe in a possibility for more variants to emerge, fueled and spread by the lack of masks. Cases have settled, but overseas in China once again, and still in the US, the end of the pandemic isn’t in the foreseeable future. Masks, along with a version of the COVID-19 vaccine have been proven time and time again to be the most effective way to avoid getting sick, so the decision to wear one or not can be the difference between life and death for some.

Furthermore, with times of travels, such as spring break approaching, many students have the ability to bring new variants from foreign states or countries, leading to possibly another resurgence of cases in our school. A number of students expressed concern over this issue, while others state that “whether I get COVID or I don’t, I’ve taken my precautions such as vaccines and masks when I need them.” The majority of the student body at U of D is in support of the lifting of the mask mandate, as they agree that it is safe enough to continue the school year without the protection of a mask. COVID-19 is still an important issue in the world and in the community of U of D, and the removal of masks is a step towards a brighter future, yet if you ever feel unsafe, it is perfectly justifiable to wear a mask at any time.