1 on 1 Sit Down with Will Paroly: UDJ Skiing

Eamonn Whelan, Sports Writer

Q: How has the season started out for you and the guys so far?

            A: It’s gone pretty well. Nothing too eventful has happened yet but I’m looking forward for the good stuff to start up.

            Q: The good stuff as in what?

            A: Up north trips, late season meets, and good conditions. 

            Q: Who are the captains this year?

            A: Me (Will), and another 4-year skier, Danny Zemke 

            Q: Where and how often do you guys practice? 

            A: We practice 4 times a week from 4-6 P.M. at Mt. Brighton. We also go up north to Nub’s Nob almost every other weekend.

            Q: What have the conditions been like so far?

            A: The snow at Mt. Brighton has been very soft because it hasn’t snowed that much and we have struggled to get a decent base amount of snow at our practices; but the up north conditions have been pretty good.

            Q: Have you had any meets yet? How did they go?

            A: We had our first meet last Tuesday at Mt. Brighton. It didn’t go pretty well but everyone is still trying to get back into mid-season form. 

            Q: What are some of the most consistent schools you have skied against in the past 4 seasons?

            A: Brighton, Birmigham Unified, Catholic Central, Saline, Chelsea, and South Lyon are probably the most consistent ones we ski against. 

            Q: What’s your best memory from all four seasons?

         A: Last year at the regional meet we were originally huge underdogs. Something clicked and the team had it’s best meet at the very best time to have our best meet which allowed us to qualify for states. 

           Q:  What would your advice be for upcoming students that want to join the team?

         A: If you actually enjoy skiing then it is a good way to get better and have a good time with your friends. I would say make sure you make the most of your time while you’re on the team and look at the positives even if there are bad conditions or stuff like that.