Editor’s Hot Takes

The Office Season 2 cover.


The Office Season 2 cover.

“Take down the plexiglass around the desks.”

All the plexiglass does is create another barrier between the students and teachers making it difficult for them to hear each other. If a masks and social distancing works why do we need the plexiglass? When students are eating their lunch at these desks without their masks on the plexiglass serves as more surface area for the virus. The small amount of benefits is not worth the hassle.

“Tigers sign Trevor Bauer.”

The 2020 NL Cy Young has dominated this year for the Reds, but his contract is up, and the Tigers need starting pitching. The Tigers starting pitchers had the worst era in the MLB with an ERA of 5.63. With Jordan Zimmerman’s 25-million-dollar contract off the books, Al Avila and Chris Illitch will spend big money to get the top starting pitcher on the market.


“The Office is overrated. “

Yeah, I said it. Every episode is similar and ends with little long-term consequence; it’s just a running collection of gaffs and stupid mistakes. Michael Scott gets stale quite quickly, how many times can you picture him out to be imprudent and oblivious and keep finding it funny, the show is predictable. And finally, the fanbase makes the show even harder to watch if you have any office quote stored in your brain, don’t talk to me.