Nathan Brown: More Than Just the Beloved Quarterback

Alexander Vecchio '22

We all know that Nathan Brown is the varsity quarterback for the UofD Jesuit football team. However, did you know that he was also a Polish Dancer? The Cub News was able to ask Nathan several questions about his Polish Dancing career. 


Q: What got you into Polish dancing and how long have you been doing it?

I started dancing at age 4 when my sister and I joined the dance group. It became a normal part of my life and I had been dancing for 12 years.


Q: What is your normal routine in fall week?

The week itself would be filled with school and practice, then a game on Friday. After Friday night I would have dance practice at 9 am on Saturday morning every week.


Q: What is the schedule for the year in polish dancing?

Every Saturday practice builds up to recital in August in which all of the dances learned are performed. Throughout the year there are events such as festivals or Masses that are counted as extra curricular. 


Q: What made you retire from dancing?

My travel football and all the extra work became too much to handle and I felt like there was not room in my life to continue dancing even though I wish I could have.


Q: What is your favorite football memory?

Definitely the Cranbrook game my sophomore year, which was my first start. I felt how great I was going to perform and I did. It was also great because of the people  that were there to support me and everything was clicking that night.