February Pop Culture Grid

Questions From David Ellis ‘22 Who will win the superbowl? Which Homeroom in your grade will win the IM champioship? Best Student Section Theme? Are You Pushin P? Is Charles Turner the Best Shooter in the state? Rate Spider Man: No Way Home 1-10
Jimmy Dewitt ’25 Lions 1G BlackOut Bro Yes… What is that even a Question No Jimmy Dewitt is I didn’t see it
Linus Gowman ’24 Bengals 2B Beach Without a Doubt I would say myself… 8
Ryan Hannosh ’22 Bills 4G Maroon Sea Is that a Question… Stop Capping 10
Sevan Griffin ’23 Pistons 3G Pushin P Sometimes Not Close 7
Shawn Smith ’22 Bengals 4A BlackOut Yes of Course No Bookah is 10
Phil Ragan ’22 Warriors 4G White Out What’s P? 4KT until die Yes and it’s not close Didn’t see that lame movie
Elijah Dotson ’25 Rams 1B Beach Why wouldn’t I be? No ir’s Jimmy Dewitt 2
Alec Koscielniak ’22 Rams 4J Wild West Only on Wednesdays It’s Robert Davis Jr 10
Trevor Eisenbacher ’22 Lions 4H Beach I’d have to say so Nah thats Owen Weiermiler 9
Kamari Tensley ’22 Tom Brady 4A easily BlackOut Nah I’m 4PF No, it’s Aj DeFreece 100